Gardens of the Arboretum Series: The Future Master Gardener Orchard

By Paul Kammerdiner

This project was proposed to the Master Gardeners by Rob Pruitt, Executive Director of the Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at Hawkeye Community College. Having obtained approval to move forward with the project from the Master Gardeners Steering Committee, a proposal was presented at the general meeting of the Master Gardeners Club.

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Apple Facts!

By Rita Lynn

The number of distinct apple varieties grown by Americans in the 19th century was around 14,000.  Today, only about 90 varieties are grown commercially.  “A Curious Tale: The Apple in North America,”

Apples are native to the mountainous regions of Kazakhstan, where apple trees grow to 60 feet tall and, in some places, are the dominant species in the forest.  “Winter Banana, Northern Spy and King Lucious: Apples in North America,”

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