Exploring in the Rain

The Arboretum is often as quiet as a ghost town during (and after) a rain storm.  The stillness after the rain today provided some beautiful scenes.  It is our goal to find beauty in even the smallest of things.  (any of these images may be clicked to enlarge)


This beauty can be found in the arrival gardens. Can you spot it on your next visit?


The rain makes even a simple bench a thing of splendor.


Mother Nature produces the most wonderful color palettes.


A raindrop pauses before falling to the earth.


New buds waiting to open on one of our Hardy Hibiscus bushes.


Drops on a fallen leaf create a lovely, but tiny, scene.  Always keep your eyes open, being careful not to miss even the smallest of wonders that surround you.


Water droplets give new magnificence to our educational signs.


Nature makes exquisite hues in our hydrangea beds.


There’s something so peaceful about the sights and sounds of rain slowly falling onto pooling water.


Views only the smallest of creatures are lucky enough to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed exploring in the rain with us!  Stop by and see us soon to experience and enjoy for yourself!


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