Arboretum Evenings

Some of the most beautiful scenes at the Arboretum can be seen during the last part of our day between 4 pm and when we close at 7 pm.  Here are some images that have been captured during our “Arboretum Evenings”.

Dried fall arr. 1 (16)

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Gardens of the Arboretum Series: The Shade Garden

By Paul Kammerdinner

Anyone who has a tree in their yard usually asks the question, “What can I plant under a tree that will grow in shade?” Sadly, grass won’t grow in the shade so it seems we are left with a bare spot. Luckily, there are different options for planting in the shade. At the Arboretum, our answer was to make a lovely spot where you can relax and get out of the hot sun.

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