Explore the Children’s Garden!

Children’s Garden committee members Howard Craven, Carol Dufel, Melinda Young, Maurine Crisp, Nancy Friedman, Randy Robinson, Jan Guthrie, Gary Blonigan, met through the winter to study and plan additions that would enhance visitor interaction. Many meetings were held, interviews with other gardens were conducted, and countless ideas were brought up. The resulting additions, which were all chosen so that the garden would be more interactive, are simply amazing.

New additions include: a General Store (former north silo), Music Hall (former south silo), Mr. McGregor in Mr. McGregor’s Garden, Prairie teepee, gnome homes, sand slurry, wheelbarrows, new conifers in the Peek a Boo Forest, and a updated Sensory Garden, are in place and more changes are planned for the Children’s Garden this season.

The committee is enjoying the success of the new additions because the children are getting very creative! For example, children have been “planting” vegetables in the raised beds in Mr. McGregor’s Garden, “buy” fruit in the General Store to “bake” a cake in the old stove, “build” a campfire in the Prairie by the teepee, “play” a tune in the Music Hall, and “wash” their dishes in the Little Prairie House. The volunteers are so thrilled with how much fun the children are having with the updates.

Thanks to the professional skills of Howard, Randy, and Gary, the various structures were built.  And thanks to the help of other volunteers who have donated/made various items: Judy Griffith, Denise Glenny, Sara Jansen, Kathy Payne, Jolene Rosauer, Paula Sexton, Roberta Craven, Linda Holmes, Billie Hemmer, and Yvonne Duggan.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Children’s Garden, please contact the office at office@cedarvalleyarboretum.org!

Please come visit and listen to the laughter….it is a good thing!

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