Flowers in the Dead of Winter: Growing African Violets

“I like to think that the purpose of the African violet plant is to bolster my ego.  I am very capable of growing lovely flowering and fruiting plants in a variety of outdoor settings, flower beds, raised beds and containers, for example.  I was, however, completely incapable of successfully nurturing houseplants until I discovered the African violet.”  

  • Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan. (See source list below)
african violets

One of Rita’s African Violet plants

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A Plan in the Making: How We Create Dazzling Displays Year After Year


To the outside world, the Cedar Valley Arboretum may seem pretty uneventful during our winter season.  However, starting in February, the Arboretum’s Executive Director, Rob Pruitt, is hard at work planning and designing the gardens for the upcoming season.  If you’re a person who frequents the Arboretum year after year, you have probably noticed that each year the gardens are completely different!  Here’s an insider look into what it really takes to design and plan the annual beds for a 35 acre public garden.

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