Five BIG Reasons to Become a Member Today

Five BIG reasons to become a member today

Over the past few years, our organization has seen a lot of change.  Thankfully, so have our membership benefits.  So, members and future members (yes, you!), please read on!  Enjoy learning about your benefits (or future benefits), and then continue enjoying those benefits all year long.

Before we start, if you want to just skip ahead you can do so by Becoming a Member here.

  1. Free admission to the gardens (for an entire year!)

Before 2015, this wasn’t a big deal.  However, now that we’re charging a small admission fee, purchasing a membership is a bigger advantage for you than ever.  Our gardens change often throughout the season, and the best way to witness these changes is to visit often – we recommend coming at least once a month to be able to see all 40 acres at every stage of their awesome growth.

Don’t have a lot of time to go through the gardens?  No worries, because you’re a member (or will be) and can come back as often as you’d like.  One of the best things about becoming a member is gaining the ability to take advantage of this wonderful community resource by visiting often throughout the season.  From our educational events and award-winning Children’s Garden to our stunning displays of annuals and perennials, you can bet that from the first tulip you see here this spring, you’ll be hooked on our gardens.

  1. Our Fall Harvest Festival isn’t the only free event that you can attend

fairty party 1

Our Fall Harvest Festival is our largest and most well-known event of the season, but did you know that we offer many other free-to-members events throughout the year?  We’ve been working hard on our events calendar, and it’s filling up!  This year, you can look forward to Story Times with exciting guests, “Prairie as Pollinator Habitat” (a talk on native Iowa Prairie), monthly tree hikes with our volunteer historian and arborist, and much more.  For a full list of events, you can visit our Facebook page or the Events page of our website.

fhf 1 edited

Don’t miss a moment of the fun by becoming a member today!

  1. The American Horticultural Society (or AHS) Reciprocal Program

A lot of people don’t know about this program, which is unfortunate because it’s so amazing.  When you buy a membership to our gardens, it’s like buying a membership to over 250 gardens, because being a part of this program will grant you free or reduced admission, and/or a variety of other extras at any garden listed here:  Find gardens you want to visit!

In Iowa alone, this includes the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, Reiman Gardens in Ames, The Iowa Arboretum, The Brenton Arboretum, & the Vander Veer Botanical Park.  Now that’s what I call a membership perk!  Planning on traveling this summer?  Don’t fret, there’s a garden to visit in every state.  So, pack up your RV and hit the road, and you can feel good about your membership at the Cedar Valley Arboretum as you stop and appreciate every garden along the way to your final destination!

  1. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

You might think this reason is strange at first.  Benefits?  They already talked about the benefits of being a member, right?

You’re right, but there are still so many more benefits to talk about!  Depending on your membership level, benefits range from guest passes to discounted facility rentals to free tours!  Think it’s too good to be true?  Just check out our informative and easy to use membership benefits table below to learn more.

Membership Benefit Table 2015

  1. Your membership benefits you and supports us

Okay, here’s the really important part.  The Cedar Valley Arboretum is an independent, nonprofit organization, and this means that we count on support from our community in order to keep growing, holding fun & educational events, and providing a 40-acre oasis within the Cedar Valley.  This is why memberships are critical to the growth of our organization.  So, become a member today and start supporting our gardens, and, in turn, a brighter future for the Cedar Valley.

Membership is available for purchase online here: Become a Member!

And, last but not least, feel free to enjoy this pretty picture of some flowers while you contemplate which membership level you’re going to need.

AR Picture 006


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