Spring Seeds and Gardening Supplies—Local Sources

Spring is upon us and as such, so is the time for planting many of the flowers and crops that our Iowa soil nourishes so well.  Ironically however, although Iowa is known for its cultivating abilities many Iowans do not have the space, time, or resources needed to join in the fun of growing their own produce or blossoms.  Luckily, the last few years have brought with them many opportunities for the gardener in training, many of these options being very cost effective as well as convenient.  Seed libraries, community plots, and garden tool rental are all available within our community; you just have to know where to look.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Paul Kammerdiner

Many visitors may not know this, but The Cedar Valley Arboretum was created by volunteers, and, for many years after, was maintained solely by volunteers.  Because of this, we have a large group of very dedicated helpers – some have even been involved at the Arboretum since its inception in 1996.  Today, we have a base of over 150 people who come to the gardens to help us each year – whether it’s a one day service project or a volunteer job as a weekly mower.

They make our organization not only possible, but they help it run much more smoothly.  Because of this, we love to show them some deserved recognition.  Sometimes, we recognize them through a simple verbal thank you or a hand-written note card, other times, like in this case, we write a blog article about them.

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