Bag End Comes to the Children

bag end hobbit house

The house that we are installing

The Children’s Garden has always been a particular favorite of many visitors to the Arboretum, and I don’t necessarily mean just the kids. It appeals to the inner child in many of us.

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A Thorny Subject: All Your Rose Questions Answered

This year, we have been lucky enough to welcome a passionate rosarian, Edwina, onto our gardening staff.  She has worked tirelessly to ensure that our Rose Garden will be looking beautiful all season, and wow, her work has paid off!  If anyone reading this has been fortunate enough to be able to visit our Rose Garden this year, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t had the time to visit this year, I strongly encourage it!  Let’s learn a little more about Edwina’s background with roses, and then we’ll move on to some burning questions you may have about your own rose bushes.

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