A Note From the Director

It’s amazing to look back at pictures from a cold spring day 20 years ago when volunteers were planting the first trees at the Arboretum, and then to take a walk in what is quickly becoming a real forest.  The growth and change is striking.  Even year to year, the growth at the Arboretum is incredible.  Just this year, we started a really fun new project for the Children’s Garden that is a Hobbit House and Garden.   In addition, we planted over 57 new trees, created a new Buffalo Plant Sculpture (Mosaiculture), finished planting the new Master Gardeners Orchard, and created a trail through our new 4 acre butterfly meadow.   It’s been a busy season!

There are three main reasons why we can grow and continue offering such a beautiful resource in our community:

  1. The incredible work and thousands of hours our volunteers put in every season. We greatly appreciate their help and couldn’t do it without them!
  2. The income from donations, membership, admission, and foundations. It takes money to keep the gardens maintained and growing, not just for special projects; but day to day expenses like payroll, gas, utilities, plants, fertilizer, etc.
  3. Visitors to the garden! Our primary goal is to help connect people to nature, in a multitude of ways.    It could be a stunning 6’ high buffalo made of plants, a quiet walk in the woods on our Arboretum Loop Trail, or even a child finding a strawberry and realizing they come from plants instead of being made at the grocery store.

As we are putting up all the winter fencing and protections to help keep the gardens from becoming rabbit food, plans are already underway for an exciting 2017!

See you in the gardens.




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