On the Hunt for New Trees-Paul Kammerdiner

Each year at the Arboretum we try to plant new trees to enhance our great collection, but you may wonder how we decide what to add. There is a logical answer and there’s a fun answer. With that, I’ll explain the fun way first.

A couple of years ago our Executive Director and I took a research road trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit Olbrich Gardens. It’s a good idea to see what other similar facilities look like and to get ideas for our garden. While checking out the trees I saw the Seven Son Flower Tree for the first time. It’s a beautiful ornamental with the added interest of unusual bark. Since then I’ve had this unique tree in the back of my mind not only for my yard but as a great addition to the Arboretum.

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Volunteer Highlight: Steve Buckles

Steve BucklesHere at the CVABG, we are so lucky to have dedicated volunteers who work hard to help the Arboretum grow and change. To celebrate their efforts we’re highlighting the volunteers who help pull weeds, provide a friendly smile, and who do everything in-between! This month’s volunteer is Steve Buckles.

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