Bees & Brews a buzzing success!

On July 22nd Bees & Brews, a new fundraiser that took the place of previous events such as Moonlight and Roses and Monarchs and Margaritas was declared a buzzing success! With over 30 attendees and a variety of brews from local breweries such as Lark Brewing Company, Singlespeed Brewing Company, and Second State Brewing Company everyone had a great time trying new flavors and learning more about the bees.

Erin Miller of the Iowa Honey Producers Association shared her experience in becoming a beekeeper and how the public can help protect the bees. Attendees also enjoyed anecdotes and funny stories from Miller’s family life, including the strong desire to help from their children, especially one who is allergic to bees. Her presentation showed that we can all help bees in our own little ways and that even a little change can make a big difference. Attendees took home great door prizes and had fun socializing with each other after. Thanks so much to all who could make it! We’re excited for our next fundraiser, Winking Owls & Wine on August 19th from 6:00-8:00. If you’d like to purchase tickets you can do so here:



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