Gallery: Seasons at the Arboreutm


By Paul Kammerdiner

Have you ever gone to a play? And as you watched; did you ever wonder what it took to put on the performance, how long it took, what was involved?

As you stroll through the Arboretum and soak in the peace and tranquility this space often provides, did you ever consider what goes into the production?

Just exactly what comprises a season at the Arboretum? Follow along through the photos below

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A Helping Hand: Boy Scout creates compost bin for Arboretum

Back in June Neel Shah of Troop 500 in Cedar Falls completed his Eagle Project to create a compost bin at the Arboretum. Neel was motivated to create a compost bin after he visited the Arboretum and was shown the pile of compost in the back. Neel was disappointed because it looked very unorganized and he was inspired to help build something to make the area look nicer, more organized, and something that was more environmentally friendly.

Neel found out about our need for a compost bin through an email sent to the local scouting district that was shared with troop leaders. Neel’s leader shared the information with him. After talking with Rob, the Executive Director of the Arboretum, Neel had to create a plan to build and needed to get it approved before he could start building. Believe it or not, Neel created sixteen different plans with different blueprints and budgets before he was given the go-ahead to start building!


Neel uses a post digger and the help of an adult to create holes for each of the posts.


Adult volunteers help to align the posts and make sure they are placed in the ground evenly.



Adult volunteers help to create support boards that the plywood will screw into to separate each compost section.


Neel with a few of his volunteers.


Adult volunteers and parents keep a watchful eye to make sure everything goes smoothly during the building process.

With the help of many volunteers, Neel was able to get the compost bin built within a day! Neel says the best part about this project was that after six months of hard work he was able to create a project that helps the environment. Neel also learned a variety of life skills such as how to keep things on a budget and on schedule. He also learned the importance of organization, communication, and leadership skills. Best of luck to Neel as he continues his journey to Eagle!

We’re so excited to have an organized compost bin at the Arboretum thanks to Neel! If you know of a scout looking to get involved you can always send a message to the Arboretum and we’d be happy to help area scouts reach their goals.