6 resolutions you can complete with the help of the Arboretum

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions there seem to be three groups of people; those who love to make resolutions and have the dedication to follow them, those who make resolutions and try to accomplish their goals but eventually forget they had them, and those who save time and frustration by not making any resolutions in the first place. No matter the kind of resolution maker you are we have six easy resolutions that you can complete with the help of the Arboretum.

#1- Reconnect with nature.

One thing that we see and hear from visitors that they come to the Arboretum to get away from technology. With plenty of benches and picnic tables, there is always a place to sit and take in the beauty.


#2- Get fit.

Almost everyone has at one point had the resolution to lose weight. Gym memberships are great if you’re looking for high impact workouts or access to specialized equipment. However, for those looking for lower impact workouts a trip (or a few) to the Arboretum may be just what you need. With over 40 acres and a variety of mulch, gravel, and paved trails there is plenty of space for you to get your heart pumping.


#3-Buy local.

One of the biggest changes in retail right now is the push to shop local and while we don’t have the worlds largest gift shop we do have plenty of locally produced gift shop items from some extremely talented people. We are always working to find new items to place in our gift shop and love to help support the people who make our community great. Pick something up the next time you stop by!


#4-Keep on learning.

One of the things we are working on very hard this winter is to schedule at least one educational opportunity such as a class or workshop every month from May through October. Classes and workshops at the Arboretum are low-cost, fun to participate in, and cover a variety of topics. Another great thing to keep in mind is that members receive a discount on all classes they attend.


#5-Share more.

It may seem silly to make a resolution to share more but sharing and giving of ourselves to help others is a great way to make a difference in our communities. When you want to help a non-profit you can share more than just your money. Sharing time, talents, or even simple items can make a huge difference in a non-profit’s ability to continue their mission. Share your time by becoming a volunteer, helping with an event, or joining a committee. Share your talents by becoming a teacher for a class at the Arboretum, helping to lead story time, or creating a fantastic new event. Share your items by donating new or gently used garden items. Follow our wishlist or call the office to see if there are any items we are in need of.


#6-Be present.

Out of all the resolutions, the Arboretum can help you achieve this may be the most important one. Take time to stop, breathe, recenter yourself, and be present in the moment. Take some time to stop and smell the roses in the Rose garden. Walk through the butterfly meadow and see the butterflies as they fly from plant to plant. Visit the bee-hive and hear the bee’s buzzing as they work hard to produce honey. Whatever you do, give it your full attention.

7.11.2011 109 edited

We are so excited to see what the new year will bring! Follow us on Facebook for the latest and greatest about the Arboretum and the upcoming season.

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