Recipe for a garden-by Beth Lavenz

When you think of a garden, you’re not likely to associate the different flowers and plants as integral parts of the recipe to create a garden. Flowers are not easily measurable like dry ingredients and it’s no easy feat to tell when a garden is complete by using a toothpick. All joking aside though, many people think that gardens and cooking are two completely different worlds, however, there are many similarities to the work of a chef or baker and the work of a gardener. Continue reading

A History Rewritten- Part 4 by Paul Kammerdiner

1999  From a time- machine, you always can look down on a place!

1999-1Notice the top left of the photo, we can see the Head House, cars parked up by the tower and stretching to the East the fledgling arboretum, we can also see the new road (Arboretum Drive) to the top of the photo. The red line is where the entrance was supposed to be for CVABG.



This is a good year to introduce my axiom for CVABG; Ever Growing, Ever Changing!

Planning always starts in the months prior to the growing season so we can devote the warm months to working outdoors as we build and plant.

  • This year we have a new Executive Director, Sue Shuerman.

Lots of things going on as we pick up the pace and start some major additions to our green space.

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