A History Rewritten: 2000

Written by Paul Kammerdiner

CVABG-Part 5

We have now arrived at the two thousand’s, despite all the fears of computers causing the end of the world (remember y2k?), we kept on chugging along at the Arboretum.For whatever reason, there was not much in the way of photos or other documentation for the beginning of this first decade. I have to be content with showing you what I have, beginning with what the CVABG looked like this year





Even though the service road off the entrance now extends to the West to the Head House, for the next few years people continue to park up around the tower.


This photo really gives us some perspective, looking back from now. Notice, to the West, no Rose Garden. Also to the North, everything ends at the fence. To the West, there are no Arrival Gardens, just the Nursery and then the Head House


No photos or documents to look at. I am sure, however, that the annual retreat took place and some plans were made.

2000-3This photo from March shows the beds for the Community Gardens, we have planted some type of conifer trees along the fence to the North and the shelves remain from the Bonsai display.


Again, no documentation for me to look at. I know there was a Fall Harvest Festival at least.


  • Children’s Garden

Remember in 1999 that a ceremonial groundbreaking took place for a new Children’s Garden. This is the year for the project to begin in earnest.


This document outlines that beginning

  • Head House

Looking at the site file on the head house, I find this one line in the history summary: “2000.  Office was built in the Head House.” I do know that prior to this year, this building was used for equipment storage, so am assuming that space was made for an office, probably for the Executive Director. It was still there in the left side corner when I first volunteered here in 2009.


  • Community Gardens
  • Display Gardens
  • Enabling Gardens

Again, I have little in the way of documentation for this year, but if you look closely at the photo that is a repeat of one of the first shown, you can see evidence of the continuation of the community and the different annual gardens.


The community gardens are on the right side of the photo and left would be the Iris beds, Raised beds, and the Herb garden. Top right, in front of the parked cars I think are the Green Scene gardens


This is one of the enabling garden beds in front of the greenhouse

This looks like a special occasion, but I don’t know what it was, how tantalizing traveling back in time can be



My computer disk only shows 5 trees for this year; here they are

Tree Species Number Planted
American Yellow Wood 2
Scarlet Oak 1
Harvest Gold Crabapple 1
Hackberry 1 

In an article in the View written by Arnold Webster, I find reference to an espalier being planted on the new fence adjacent to the community gardens. It is called an Apple Wall in the article because it is composed of apple tree branches. Espalier, according to Wikipedia, is an ancient form of training tree branches against a flat surface, usually fruit trees. I am going to say this qualifies as tree planting


I didn’t have any photos of the Espalier in 2000, but here it is in 2008


Only one photo of a volunteer that I know for sure comes from 2000.



Tim Sprengeler


Our stay here is only for as long as we have things to look at, so away we go



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