A History Rewritten – 2006


This looks to be a shortstop


I am pretty sure there was a planning session because I found a list of things to do.

From Director’s Notes:

Hired two full-time summer gardeners, Joe Ambrose and Jess Ferlong

Purchased Toro Riding Lawn Mower



What’s with these people, not taking any pictures of events 🙂 I am sure there must have been some if past years are any indication.


  • Train Garden Enhancements

I found a copy of a newspaper article about this


  • Two Iowa State students: Justin Voss and Joe Goering built the stone wall and expanded the track system. We also bought G-scale electric trains and planted miniature plants around the track


  • New Pond

While not part of the train project there was a small pond installed in the train garden


  • One Mile Walking Trail

We made the news again, with the addition of a walking trail around the Arboretum


Below is a copy of the official hand-out for the route of the new trail.


There were 1/10 of a mile- marker, white posts situated through-out the trail, here is an example of one on the path leading toward Hawkeye. They are all gone now.



  • Forget Me Not Pond

Some changes and enhancements were made to the garden around this pond. The pond was created in 1999.



I found a note that said, 25 Red Cedar Trees were planted this year.

By this time the service road extends from the new and improved parking lot around the Head House and then goes North and turns East behind the Children’s Garden. These trees were planted along the North side of the service road.



Only two photos again this year, I am only using those pictures of volunteer that are marked with the year we are in so I know we are in the right time-line. However, this place never achieves the many great things each year without a small army of dedicated people. Once again, a shout out to those planting a Community Garden


Carol Ackerman                                  Becky and Brooke Berg

Howard and Roberta Craven              Norma Hoelscher

Sandy Hunter                                      Janet Ludolph

Liz Miller                                            Kevin and Susan Shreiber

Tim Spengler                                       Dorothy Wright

Deb Young


The continuous effort to upgrade and enhance all aspects of the facility is ongoing. CVABG truly is a remarkable place and it reflects the outstanding efforts of so many people. Let’s keep on our journey, there is more to see.

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