A History Rewritten-2009


Our jumps back in time are becoming shorter and as we pop out onto Orange Road again, the surroundings look very familiar.


From the Director’s Notes

Board to develop policies for acquisition of public art, facility rentals, gift acceptance, and on-site professional photography. Developed volunteer program. Purchase of a John Deere Gator (utility vehicle) with a grant from the Young Foundation and private donations.


  • Volunteer Orientation

There were five orientation sessions for both new and seasoned volunteers, 30 people attended.

  • Memorial Day Event

Education co-chair, Mary Fratzke, and Orange Elementary School provided a program for this event.

  • Mid-Summer Celebration

Board member Cindy Wells organized this event.

I don’t have any more information or photos of these events

  • Wine and Scare Crows

For a while, now, this has been an event that is held right before the Fall Harvest Festival

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  • Fall Harvest Festival

Another great line up of activities: fun for kids, food, entertainment, vendors, pioneer village, and lots and lots of scarecrows.

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  • Parking Lot

It has only been a few years since we planted the beautiful Catalpa trees in the center of the parking lot but like all living things, trees can get diseases. In this case an untreatable fungus killed all of them and they were removed.


This project was to repair the landscape and this was accomplished with the addition of a row of Honey Locust trees in this spot.


  • Shade Garden Path

We were able to establish a hard surface path that connected the tower hill activity lawns with this great garden space. Funds provided by the Northeast Iowa Community Foundation.


  • Enabling Garden

The following is a quote from the site files

“Modernizing the Enabling Garden was a major emphasis of the 2009 season.  The greenhouse was no longer useful to the Arboretum and was removed with the cement walls lowered, covered and remodeled into a large raised bed to match other raised beds in the space.  Volunteers from the Cedar Falls Kiwanis civic group remodeled the base of the greenhouse with no cost to the Arboretum.  The metal frames were also removed from each of the shade structures and replaced with flat shade cloth strung with heavy rope.  Along with the metal structures, the white lattice was removed.  The “Maintenance Men” completed the final touches on the renovation to modernize the space.  The clean lines and more open space allowed the gardens to shine, rather than the structures.”



Several smaller gardens were removed and returned to sod this year. They were some directly West of the Herb Garden, around the tower, and nursery beds East of the Children’s Garden

The gardens are maturing and looking extraordinary!


  • Arrival Garden


  • Community Gardens

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  • Herb Garden


  • Enabling Garden


  • Espalier

This will be the last time we see the apple wall



Found a note that said we got 3 Maple, 6 Serviceberry, and 3 Dogwood trees with a Green Scene grant.



We sometimes forget how much work it takes to put on an event, especially the Fall Festival. The scarecrow group works for months. Here is this year’s committee


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Community Garden volunteers


Howard and Roberta Craven       Linda Fisher

John, Kelly and Renee Fisher      Mary Fratzke

Nancy Friedman                               Jack and Diane Golden

Sandy Hunter                                    Paul Kammerdiner and Melinda Young

Yolanda Little                                     Janet Ludolph

Cassie Luze                                         Pat McGivern

Beth Primrose                                   Tim Spengler

Mona Storm                                       Stephanie and Curtis Witte

Dorothy Wright


We are going to leave as Winter is coming to the Rose Garden, this first decade of the 21st century is almost gone. What next?