A History Rewritten- 2011


Welcome to the more recent past; let’s take a look from our favorite perspective.


The drop off circle drive has been established around the tower; the compost and brush piles are behind the Red Cedar Trees on the north end of the property. Where the corn maze was, is now Run the Rabbit. We have been fortunate to have volunteer extraordinaire, John Miller, create some very popular attractions for us in recent years with his agricultural wizardry. The rabbit maze is made from soybeans. The grass field East of tower hill has had a small circle cut into the tall grass as seen on the left.


No documents or photos, but things are happening this year.


  • Fall Harvest Festival

I have one photo of events this year. It is related to the fall festival and reminds me that in those years, we let the grass grow in the East field, but needed to use it during the festival. The solution was to mow it right before (someone donated their time and equipment for this task in exchange for the hay bales.)



  • Maintenance Building

During our time journey, we landed in 1997 and talked about a Master Plan Element called the service building which is the red dot. We built the Head House in a different location and used it for a service building.  This year we are going to build a new service building, we will call the Barn. It is going in the spot called for in the Master Plan



Funding for the Barn comes from three grants; Leighty Fund with the Community Foundation for $1,000, the Waterloo Hotel/Motel Tax Fund for $10,000, the Black Hawk Gaming Commission for $42,000 and private donations totaling $10,000.

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  • Rock Garden

From meeting notes of the planning and operations committee we learn:

This space had been called the Alpine Garden but the group of volunteers that care for it decided a more appropriate designation would be, the Rock Garden. They will be incorporating various types of ground cover and succulents as well as making a stepping stone path.


This space includes the “gully” and a space adjacent to the entrance to the Education Center.


  • Tree Collection

A sub-committee was established to re-inventory the trees and update the entire collection database. The existing record for the tree collection was a computer disk that had an inventory for 1996-2003. This record used d-base software, which is somewhat difficult to use. The new record is an Excell spreadsheet and is current through the present day.

  • Benches

One on-going project for several years is the creation and repair of our Leopold benches thanks to John Miller.



There is a major focus on the existing gardens and it pays off big time.

Rose Garden

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The new containers in the Rose Garden pergola are planted with new annuals each year.


  • Rock Garden

Even the fence in this garden has plantings


Many of the new plantings in the Rock Garden are succulents


There are various forms of ground cover and even some prickly pear cactus!


  • Community Gardens


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This would be the last year for the Community Gardens. A decision was made by the planning and operations group to take them out this fall. The idea is to add a tent pavilion in close proximity to the Rose Garden to enhance Wedding Rental income.


  • Arrival Garden

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  • Shade Garden

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  • Display Gardens

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  • Annual Garden

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There are a few areas that are sort of mini-gardens like in front of the pond and the plantings in the Children’s Garden like the pumpkin patch

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Sorry to have to leave these two very important aspects blank this year due to lack of records or photos

Our time here is over and our journey is taking us ever nearer to the present day. Let’s say a fond farewell to 2011 and marvel again at this tranquil oasis carved out of cow pasture.


My how you have grown Sesquicentennial Forest


We have moved into a new Barn and the Head House is looking pretty empty.


See you next year!

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