Snow and Our Gardens

What is snow?

Snow!  Some of us love it, some of us despise it, and some of us shrug it off as a fact of life in Iowa.  Skiers and snowshoers head outside to exercise, and children of all ages plop to the ground to put their marks on untouched expanses of fresh, clean, white.  Is there anything more beautiful than the sparkle of fresh snow on a clear winter night?

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You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

In the 1960’s, our culture was very different.  One huge difference was in every day advertising.  An example of this is cigarettes. Virginia Slims was a brand manufactured by Altria (formerly Phillip Morris Companies). The brand was introduced in 1968 and marketed to young professional women using the slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” This catch phrase has worked its way into societal idioms and is occasionally still used. While thinking about the Arboretum and the fact that it is our 20th anniversary this year, I found the expression especially appropriate.

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A Note From the Director

It’s amazing to look back at pictures from a cold spring day 20 years ago when volunteers were planting the first trees at the Arboretum, and then to take a walk in what is quickly becoming a real forest.  The growth and change is striking.  Even year to year, the growth at the Arboretum is incredible.  Just this year, we started a really fun new project for the Children’s Garden that is a Hobbit House and Garden.   In addition, we planted over 57 new trees, created a new Buffalo Plant Sculpture (Mosaiculture), finished planting the new Master Gardeners Orchard, and created a trail through our new 4 acre butterfly meadow.   It’s been a busy season!

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Reasons to Visit the Arboretum in October

In the past, the gardens have been extremely quiet during the month of October.  We understand; the kids are back in school, the Cedar Valley has an abundance of cool fall activities, and the holiday season is just starting to begin – you’re busy!  However, we would love for you to take advantage of our 35 acre oasis this fall and come enjoy walking the gardens.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!  Still need convincing?  Keep reading for the four top reasons for you to visit the gardens this month!

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Some years ago, Lynn Kramer, an Arboretum supporter, arranged to obtain specimens of all the daylilies that had won the prestigious Stout Award up to that point. The plants came from the extensive collection at the Kansas State University Gardens in Lawrence, Kansas. In 2011, that collection was updated to replace plants that had not survived and to obtain the newer varieties that were not a part of the original grouping. Since that time new Stout winners have been added as they receive the award and become available.

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Trees of the Arboretum

tree article1“I think that I shall never see; a poem lovely as a tree.”

This old verse is often quoted and was created by an American writer known as Joyce Kilmer. According to Wikipedia; Joyce Kilmer (born as Alfred Joyce Kilmer; December 6, 1886 – July 30, 1918) was an American writer and poet mainly remembered for a short poem titled “Trees” (1913), which was published in the collection Trees and Other Poems in 1914.”

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